The cave is a natural phenomenon. Like the museum with the arrangement of the showroom, the cave also provide beauty with ornaments in the form of various layouts are created by natural processes over a period of thousands of years. The speleologist see the cave as a natural laboratory with all the phenomena circle of life in the cave and the surrounding environment.



Zoning in the cave took us to see a natural process that we never see except in the cave. The sensation of eternal darkness we realize the greatness of the Creator with all unique creations and a chain of life that we can feel the experience in the eternal darkness. The cave is located in the hallway on the top of a series of Cipicung Cave in Buniayu.



The adventure begins by using a rope down the cave 18 meters deep, is a sensation that will not be found in any other adventure. We will see an underground river, lakes, and waterfalls in the cave, as well as to see the cave with water to form fossil halls and millions ornaments. This adventure is the longest of the series of cave adventure Cipicung - Buniayu.

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The complete Adventure from our package, start with exploration of horizontal cave, vertical caves, Bibijilan Waterfalls, spend the night at local homestay, and experience the warmth hospitality, social aspect, culture, around the cave environment, or camping surrounded by pine trees while feel the fresh air. The adventure will be memorable and never be forgotten.



First Adventure Travel in Indonesia, we have to climb about 14 waterfalls to the furthest level, using the standard safety equipment, making this a safe and exhilarating travel

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BAT - Buniayu Adventure & Training is a group of certificated professional cave guides which also a member of HIKESPI / FINSPAC (Federation of Indonesian Speleological Activity), member of UIS (Union International Speleological). We also apply the International Standard for Cave Rescue and Equipment. We are concern about the human resource development service and nature resource conservation with dedicating ourselves for education, recreation and outbound activities, certainly supported by the professionals and the experts from related fields.

Since 1992 we are based in Buniayu, and in 2010 we formed BAT as a group of Professional Cave Guide & Training, with the concept of recreation, education and adventure which always inviting the tourists to “Caving Softly for the Next Caving”. The concept makes this caving become very safe and comfortable. We are very concern for safety factor with applying the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) according to the standard of HIKESPI/FINSPAC dan UIS. We also apply carrying capacity as our effort for the conservation of caves and limestone area.

The name Buniayu Adventure & Training was taken from the name of an area located at Kerta Angsana village, Nyalindung, Sukabumi - West Java. Buniayu means perfectly covered beauty, and once held a title as the best cave system in South East Asia.

The background of Buniayu Adventure & Training are based on our love and concern for the natural resource in Indonesia, especially for the KARST area, spread almost all over Indonesia.

Buniayu Adventure & Training offers a new experience that combines elements of adventure and speleotourism.

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Marketing buniayucave@gmail.com
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